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Assistant at home

Local, reliable, fast and private.

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Do you want to see how it works?

We automate your home by combining the advantages of local processing
with connectivity to IoT cloud services.

Many intelligent devices and one system to rule them all!

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Ower 1950 WiFi devices
WiFi S26 is the easiest way to add a touch of intelligence to your home devices. The device runs on software, the sources of which and the compiled version are provided for free. So you have a choice of 1950 devices, that you can connect to the gate in the same simple way as our Smart Socket.
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Over 1400 Zigbee devices
With Zigbee2Mqtt you can easily attach Zigbee devices to the gateway. More than 1400 are supported by the Zigbee2Mqtt software we provide on the gateway.
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Over 1770 Home Assistant Integrations
One of the components of the software delivered on the gateway is the Home Assistant Core home automation system with installed and ready-to-use embedded AIS integrations, and with the ability to add more than 1770 HA Integrations that are supported and developed by the Home Assistant community.
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Voice control TTS/STT
We provide AIS TTS/STT (speech-to-text) and built-in commands on the gateway, so you can control attached devices using voice commands. Commands can be sent from the AIS Web App browser application, the AIS Mob App mobile application or the AIS Remote remote control. You can also send commands from other systems / applications using AIS API. And define your own AIS Conversation commands.
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We provide a built-in AIS Audio Player audio player on the gateway, with which you can play hundreds of radio stations, podcasts, free audiobooks, free content from YouTube and Spotify. It is also possible to define your own additional audio content in Media.
Project created and sponsored by people - thank you!
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